Exciting news! Weston’s first Litfest!!!

It has been launched!! Weston-super-Mare’s first (but not last) Literary Festival has been launched! It runs through the last week of February and there are dozens of wonderful, exciting and varied events, talks, workshops, children’s activities!

It starts on February 22nd with screenwriter and author Nick Harding – “Constructing a Story”, a panel of self-published authors on D.I.Y. publishing, there are talks on writing for children, young adult fiction, poetry, authors such as Amanda Prowse, Justin Newland and Jeffery Archer (yes the Jeffery Archer, Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare) an evening of conversation about food, drink, cooking, eating, growing and producing from Steve Fowell,  a panel of romance writers (Fay Keenan, Teresa F. Morgan, Alison Knight, Jenny Kane and Jan Ellis) discussing their craft and their genre, a local chef and author, a literary quiz (wish me luck, I’m going with a team of chums) and children’s events, including a Pirate Party!

There are also various workshops, including one on creative writing from Mark Lewis… and two by me! Yes, I am leading two workshops!! So exciting! One is on the process of writing, and the other is on blogging! I have my plan of what I’m going to do, but I need to refine the details… no doubt I will share some of my thoughts here!

I am only attending one event as a member of the audience, and I am very excited about it. One of my favourite authors, Damien Boyd is giving a talk; he writes police procedurals set in Somerset, all round here where I live. However, it’s not just the familiarity of location which is described in a way which will make you want to visit, the plots are intriguing (I bet you won’t guess the denouement!) the characters are realistic and engaging and they are what might be described as a jolly good read – and most importantly, with a satisfactory ending. I was lucky enough to meet Damien at the festival launch and it was really interesting to chat with him about his books and also a lot more to do with writing.

Here is a link to the festival:


…here is a link to Damien’s site:


…and here is a link to a blog I wrote about setting novels in a known location – like Damien does, or in an imagined location as I usually do:



    1. Lois

      Thank you Fay! Yes, it was nice to meet you too. I liked your vlog – I’ve thought about doing some but thinking is all at the moment! It would be great to meet up some time to compare notes on writing!


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