A different sort of quiz

Just recently we have started going out to different pubs – we go at about nine o’clock, just in time for a couple of drinks and then we go home. Last time we went to the Red Cow in Brent Knoll, a village quite near us beneath a hill on which there is an ancient hill Iron Age fort called… Brent Knoll. Tonight we went to the town of Axbridge which used to be very much more important in Somerset than it is now… the pub which we went to, not the Crown (maybe next time) but the Lamb.

We had very fine beer and wine, and there was a quiz in progress; we were too late to join in but we listened to the questions and answered them quietly between ourselves. It was a different quiz from the one we are used to – and two rounds seemed really fun. One was  a round in which the last letter of the answer of one question was the first letter of the answer to the next! The other was a round where all the answers contained the word ‘hat’!

Just for fun, answers tomorrow, here is a round with a similar sort of question:

  1. What is the capital of Tibet? (The last letter of your answer will be the first letter of answer number 2)
  2. What is the range of mountains running down the west coast of South America?
  3. What spice comes from  crocus flower?
  4. What was the name of Captain Nemo’s submarine?
  5. Which film actor starred in  Goodfellas , Jungle FeverPatriot Games and has the initial ‘L’ in his name?
  6. Which East Anglian football team has as a director Delia Smith?
  7. In which Yorkshire town could you find the Piece Hall?
  8. A warrior princess
  9.  —– and Fitch
  10. The surname of the author of Middlemarch

Answers, and maybe round 2 tomorrow!

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