Happy birthday, Judy

Although a lot of old names are becoming fashionable, I don’t think Judith is one of them, although it’s a name I like very much. I have known some lovely Judiths in my life, at school, at the swimming club, at college, at work… I never thought of it as a name for my daughter, although considering her surname I’m not sure it would have fitted.

Judith was a Biblical character, known for beheading an enemy while he was half-asleep and drunk. The name means woman of Judea, and there have been a number of famous Judiths, including Judy Garland, the actress Judi Dench, who was originally Judith Dench, and the singer Judith Durham.

However the birthday Judith today is Judy Cornwell, an actress, who was born in 1940. Her family was English but they moved to Australia. She became an actress and at one time it seemed that she would appear in all sorts of different dramas and plays… none of which I can remember now. I guess most people would know her from being in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’; I never watched it but I am sure she acted very well.

Happy birthday, Judy… here’a one of the other Judiths:

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