Cake tins

Like many people I’m trying to de-plastic as much as possible – of course it isn’t always possible. However, the other day I saw some tins of Christmas biscuits reduced and I decided I would buy them for the tins as well as the contents. Actual cake tins – tins in which to keep as opposed to baking cakes are really quite expensive so I figured I would get biscuits with a free tin, or a tin with free biscuits. Perfect. Then yesterday I saw an enormous square cake tin, with a cake inside it; it was an Italian cake, rather like a panettone in texture and flavour but a different shape and with big sugar crystals and almonds on top… I had to buy it for a bargain price, didn’t I?! I discovered after I got it home that it is a  colomba di Pasqua, an Easter dove cake, and that the sugar on top is sugar pearls.

This got me thinking about cake tins from when I was a child at home – and they were all tins, there wasn’t the ubiquitous plastic then. There were two tins that I remember, one was for cakes – sponges, chocolate cake, fruit cake etc, the other was for biscuits, cookies (actually melting moments)  Viennese shortbread – all home-made. There may have been another tin for pastry like jam tarts or mince-pies, or they may have gone in the tin for biscuits. Very little was thrown away, and I remember enjoying slightly stale things from the tin which no fussy child would eat these days… I particularly like stale mince-pies and stale melting moments… I was a peculiar child!

I guess that like me, mum got the tins originally with biscuits inside them – and that would have been a gift not something she bought as she did all her own baking. Or maybe she bought them at a jumble sale, I don’t remember! One of them was a reddy marron colour with painted flowers on the top, pale green leaves and white and red petals, and maybe some blue or some brown for contrast.  For a long time I had it and I also kept home-baked stuff in it. I think eventually it went rusty along the bottom and it was thrown out.

Now I have my newly acquired biscuit and cake tins, I’ll think of mum every time I use them!


  1. David Lewis

    My Mother used to save her biscuit or cookie tins and put them on a ledge around the kitchen. Some had pictures of royalty like Lady Di or the Queen.What I liked the most tho were birds that came with tea bags. Not real of course but just like the real thing.I don’t know where they went and what you were supposed to do with them but as a kid they fascinated me.Good memories. Thanks!

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