Weston Litfest… only the first of many!

My town Weston-super-Mare is a few days into its first ever Literary Festival, the first of many I hope! So what has been on offer so far…

  • Nick Harding –  screenwriter and author, his latest film, Folie A Deux, shot in Weston-super-Mare – “Constructing a Story
  • A panel of authors discuss the reasons they chose to publish their work independently – “Why DIY?”
  •  Christi Daugherty, Jo Nadin, CJ Skuse and Rachel Ward – “Making the Leap from Young Adult to Adult Fiction” 
  • Amanda Prowse: – author of ‘Poppy Day’ and twelve other titles including ‘What Have I Done?’ and ‘Perfect Daughter’ – Author Q&A
  • Poets and authors read excerpts from ‘Voices Along The Road’, an anthology of poetry and flash fiction exploring the experiences of children, refugees, and migrants and ‘Another Place’ a collection of refugee-themed science fiction by Bristol and Weston-super-Mare authors. “Voices along the road: an evening of poetry and flash fiction”
  • Huw Powell: children’s author of ‘Spacejackers’ series with an active and uncompromising imagination – Author Q&A
  • Justin Newlands  in conversation about his writing, and  debut novel, ‘The Genes of Isis’, an epic fantasy featuring a cast of hybrids, angels and humans – Author Q&A
  • An evening with Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare, writing as Jeffrey Archer

… and then today, guess what? There was me! I ran a workshop called ‘The Process of Writing’  in which I tried to give some ideas about how I write and suggestions on the way forward for people new to writing. I mentioned the other day that this featured my now seven ‘P’s – plot, people, place, pace, POV (point of view), purpose/point and lastly polish.

This is what the blurb said:

About the Workshop:
Lois Elsden shares her thoughts on writing; the why’s the how’s and the what to do next. She will be thinking about the 6 p’s (plot, people, place, the point of view, purpose, and pace) She will tackle a couple of these aspects of writing, concentrating on people and place – characters and settings.

There were about twenty-five people ( more had booked but were unable to come, a shame since I know others who wanted to attend and were told there were no places!) I had a power point so people wouldn’t just have to keep looking at me, and also so they could pick out the main points in what I was saying in case I babbled on too much!

It was a very mixed audience, the youngest was just nineteen months, the oldest, well, I’m too polite to say! Everyone was so friendly and pleasant and I had a great reception, and people really seemed to enjoy the two tasks I set them. The time seemed to whizz by and it was soon time to have the any questions bit!

I really enjoyed it very much, and hope my audience do too, and I’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone who organised it!

I would love to do it again next year, but even if I don’t, I’m looking forward to attending the events!

Here is a link to my books:


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