More on vlogs… and maybe vlogging…

A few months ago I wrote about vlogs – video blogs, and vlogging. It’s such a popular thing these days and the ones I have seen have been informative and fun and I secretly – or maybe not so secretly want to do one.

Why do I want to do a vlog? Well, I guess for the same reason I write here – although I now have many reasons for writing here. The initial reason for me blogging was to promote my books – as a self-published person I don’t have any big organisation or company behind me, I only have me, so it’s down to me. So I write here to reach out and engage with people who I hope will be interested enough to buy my books! I want to do vlogs for the very same reason, to reach out to my audience.

I have a fear however that I will appear awkward and stiff and instead of being my natural self I’ll seem like someone completely different, not me at all! I’ve been thinking about this for some time and then last week I met up with another writer as part of Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival, Fay Keenan. Fay writes very different books from me and they have excellent reviews. I have bought one and as soon as I have finished the book I’m reading for book club then I will get into it.

Here is Fay’s vlog:

Don’t you just want to rush and buy her books?

I’m sure I could do something similar… I must be brave and have a go – I will share it here first!!

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet read any of my books, here is a link:

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