Listen to the Lemon Sharks!

My husband has been in bands since he was in his teens, and although that is longer ago than he cares to think about, he is still in a band and gigging – and away from his drums he’s in a ukulele band as well!

When I first knew him, long before we actually got together, he was very involved in brass bands, but also in a small jazz combo, and a larger all-stars jazz band, and in various pit orchestras, and in a whole variety of other musical enterprises. Shortly after we became a couple he joined a band called Driving Force – it was a brilliant band, really amazing with great guys and when I had a special birthday a few years ago, they reformed to play at my party!

We left the north and Driving Force and came to the south-west; here he was a founder of what might be loosely called a Celtic rock group called Celtic Shambles – Celtic for what they played, Shambles for the way they played it… in fact they were very good, very entertaining and very popular.

Then he joined a rock band doing covers and they were initially called the Stealers, then they became 7 to 4, after they reorganised and a seven piece became a four piece…

Now with another change in line-up and now writing and performing their own numbers they are the Lemon Sharks!

And now I can share their music through Spotify!

… and you can also get them from Amazon:

You can find them here:


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