This old heart of mine

Another earworm, and this – for me, dates back to when I changed school, going from my home town Cambridge where we were really into the Beach Boys, Leonard Cohen and the Beatles among others, to Weston, where my new friends played this strange sounding band with peculiar voices… I actually didn’t listen to them much but went into Cream and the Incredible String Band. It was only on another move, up to Manchester that I actually properly listened to the ‘strange sounding band with peculiar voices’ – the Isley Brothers! Today’s earworm is ‘This Old Heart of Mine’.

I confess, that having liked the Isleys for so long, I know nothing about them, apart from the fact that they are American and on the Motown label. Are they actually brothers? Well, yes they are…  O’Kelly Isley, Jr., Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley and originally Vernon Isley annd later  Ernie and Marvin Isley – plus Chris Jasper. They came from Cincinatti and started singing gospel music; later they moved to New York – I guess seeking fame and fortune. They met up with Jimi Hendrix and he played with them but left before they recorded my earworm, ‘This Old Heart of MIne’. They continued singing and recording and having success, with different line-ups, and Ronald and Ernie are still going!

Is this now your earworm? It’s a good one, isn’t it?!


  1. David Lewis

    I was lucky to have been going to college in Windsor Canada right across the river from Detroit at the time of the Motown sound. One of my favorite songs was Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding but I loved them all. We used to dance the stroll line dance and dance alone with jerks and spasms like an epileptic. My wife and I saw a Motown Revue show a few years ago and they asked the audience to participate so I got up and sang with the Supremes lookalikes and they dressed me up in a robe and a wig and I sang Baby Love. I think my wife was so embarrassed that she hid under the table. You brought back wonderful memories of my youth when I was living on love and buying on time and without someone to love, life was not worth a dime.

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    1. Lois

      Motown was just the best! It was the soundtrack of my time at college in Manchester! So many happy memories – and yes, I loved Otis, but Marvin was my real heart-throb! Every time I hear it I can hardly stop my self dancing!


    1. Lois

      Positive – I have absolutely no sense of rhythm and get confused between left and right so line dancing is a hilarious confusion of bumping into people and going the wrong way. However dancing to Motown – or the mavericks I can leap around and wave my arms in the air with the best of them!!! So I might have been leaping around waving my arms about at some disco where you were!


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