Almost a joke, an impossible task

You may know that a fellow blogger and I have been challenging ourselves to write blogs on seventy-three different subjects form a list of possible blog topics we came across. When we started it was almost a joke. it seemed an impossible task – and friends and fellow writers kept asking ‘but why?’

At first it was a silly competition between us, but gradually it became more than that… it became interesting to try to write about things we didn’t normally tackle, and to write in different ways from our normal. As we got more and more of the list completed we began to wonder if maybe we could work on our blogs, to almost curate them into a volume and perhaps publish an anthology… and that is now our plan.

We have finished all but one of what will be volume 1; the one we haven’t completed was suggested as an audio blog, and MP3… but maybe we will find some way of writing about that too!

Here are my twenty-five – maybe you remember them!

  1. How to – How to edit what you have written
  2. Industry news – Is writing an industry?
  3. Current events – Empty nests and boomerang kids
  4. Controversial subjects – The correct and Cornish way to eat a cream tea/The correct and only way to pour and drink tea
  5. Checklists – You have finished your novel – editing checklist/Self-publishing checklist
  6. Listicles – A list of the books on the shelf
  7. Infographics – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words
  8. Case study – The Hobart Rivulet
  9. Profile – Raul Malo
  10. Interview – Thomas Radwinter
  11. Expert Advice – Being an older mum
  12. Review – Prinny’s Tailor: The Life and Times of Louis Bazalgette (1750-1830) by Charles Bazalgette
  13. Comparison – marmalade
  14. Vlog – Making a vlog
  15. MP3
  16. Resources – In my cupboard
  17. Problems and solutions – Practical Action
  18. What others say – Mary Beard and the Glade
  19. A glance behind the curtain – Kensal Priory
  20. An inspirational story – Two sisters
  21. A parody – Home thoughts
  22. Funny story – Thomas is trapped by knitting
  23. Quiz – Earth, fire and sea quiz
  24. Survey and poll – a ponder on the word ‘survey’
  25. Local news – Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival

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