FAQs… and answers ( vi)

Here are the last of my answers to my FQAs, the frequently asked questions I receive!

  1. Where do you write? When I’m at home I write in the smallest of the bedrooms, I guess about 7’x6′, I write sitting adjacent to the window so I can look out into the back garden, across to the neighbour’s house, and down a little road which runs between it and the Victory Hall, our village hall. It faces east so I can see the sun rise, and I can see across to Bleadon Hill which is the tail end of the Mendip chain. On my other side is the door, which is always open onto the landing so i can see any family passing by. I sit at a table, behind which are bookshelves, and pictures on the wall above them. I sit in a swivelly chair and just write away… when i am away from home I write anywhere I am!
  2. Do you travel to all the places you write about? I guess it’s the other way round – I write about places I travel to! Places in our county of Somerset, in England, to other countries, mostly Ireland and the Netherlands, but also Iceland, Belgium and France on a battlefields tour,  New Jersey USA, and most recently Tasmania
  3. What sort of books do you write? Stories with a mystery or puzzle. I have written about stalkers, jealous husbands, PTSD, dishonourably people trying to find their way back, bigamists… and most recently genealogical mysteries.
  4. Which other writers do you admire? As I mentioned previously, my all time favourite, John le Carré, but also C.J. Sansom, Nevada Barr, Damien Boyd, Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson… oh and many more!
  5. Are your stories any good? I hope so! I like reading them anyway! …however, I really welcome helpful comments and criticism, so please get in touch if you have any!

Here is a link to my books:


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