And in a yellow taxi turn to me and smile

I was driving along the other day when a familiar intro started and for a moment I couldn’t recall what it was… Joe Jackson! How could I have forgotten Joe Jackson! The song was ‘Steppin’ Out’ and I’d only ever heard it on the radio at a time when radios weren’t necessarily as good as today. I was listening to it digitally which gave a whole new clarity to the sound and I could hear all sorts of clever little riffs and unexpected refrains.

I don’t know anything about Joe Jackson, but I have discovered that he was born in Burton-upon-Trent, but spent much of his childhood and youth in Portsmouth – where we were two weeks ago! His real name is David and Joe was a nick-name; like most musicians, Joe was in several different bands until he formed the Joe Jackson Band in 1978/ ‘Steppin Out” was his big hit, but another successful record was ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him’,

Joe is still active and released his latest album just three years ago; he’s had twenty albums, plus live albums,compilations, singles, videos…

Here is the amazingly cool and atmospheric ‘Steppin’ Out’:

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