I don’t think I use twitter as well as I could… to be honest I don’t really totally get all the hashtags and @’s – I do understand them but I forget or I don’t do it quite right or I use the wrong one… However, I do use Twitter, mainly for sharing posts I write here, posts I write on the Somerset Writers blog –    news items I see which I think others might find interesting, ditto articles I read, books I’ve enjoyed, ditto TV programmes, and I also retweet other tweets for various reasons.

I thought I would just check exactly what I have done on twitter for the first three days of April:

tweeting my blog posts:

  • Questions you should be asking? Or should I? (three times)
  • Chocolate brownie Easter egg cake
  • Kangaroo skin trousers (twice)
  • The good-looking vicar and the gas fitter’s  (twice)
  • If I could go back in time
  • Feared by the bad, loved by the good….
  • These incredible women
  • The ultimate squidgy Easter brownie – Chocolate brownie Easter egg cake (twice)
  • Thomas makes Easter biscuits (twice)
  • Roast lamb and onion sauce (twice)
  • An Easter visit to Nottingham (twice)
  • FAQ’s – some answers
  • Chocolate is poisonous to dogs
  • Seeing things
  • The Turkish Table
  • Magick -Radwinter Book 2

As you can see I’ve shared some things twice, and even three times, hoping to catch up with people who are viewing at different time of the  day – or even night!

I also tweeted the posts from Somerset Writers – aka The Moving Dragons:

  • April 1st and March review
  • “The Apparatus Was Set Up As Shown…  – Bari Sparshott (twice)
  • Thoughts on the Simulation Hypothesis – Richard Kefford
  • Sea Woman Gillian – Gillian Peall
  • The Watcher – John Watts (three times)
  • April 1st and March review – King Arthur’s April fool – (three times)
  • Lying on my Back –  Gillian Peall
  • Another chance to see – Richard Kefford

I shared a variety of news items, mostly from the BBC web-page:

  • Cambridge Stephen Hawking graffiti tribute to city he ‘inspired’ – BBC
  • Fen flood levels measured in hash browns and iPhones – BBC
  • Happy ending for a lost child and heart-broken parents – Chinese father finds lost daughter after 24-year search – BBC
  • Have you seen Lana? Svitlana Krasnoselska: New searches for Micklefield woman – BBC
  • April Fool’s Day: 10 stories that look like pranks but aren’t – BBC
  • Why Washington State is phasing out Atlantic salmon farming -Smithsonian Magazine
  •  Ever had the feeling you get better at languages when you’re drinking? It’s not just you, it’s science. Introducing Brewolingo – duolingo

and quite a few articles about history, again from various places:

  • accessorize this detail from medieval manuscript: drawing of a human face with a glove for a hat, image from Wallace and Gromit: penguin with a glove for a hat Aardman Animations – Sjoerd Levelt
  • The Edward Woods Estate, Hammersmith: ‘the problem areas of today’ – municipaldreams
  • Paw print of the mighty cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) beautifully preserved in the clay floor of Chauvet Cave. This species of bear became extinct in the last glacial period around 24,000 years ago – The Ice Age, Jamie Woodward
  • This astonishingly life-like neighing horse, with flared nostrils and bulging eyes, was carved in reindeer antler around 15,000 years ago in southwest France. Crafted with simple flint blades, it was found in Le Mas d’Azil cave – The Ice Age, Jamie Woodward
  • Oldest known human footprints in North America discovered on Canada’s Pacific coast – The Smithsonian Magazine
  • Archaeologists trace ‘lost settlements’ of 1692 Glencoe Massacre The Smithsonian Magazine
  • Railway Engineers in England Just Solved a Sunny, 175-Year-Old Mystery
  • Rare non-standard @CWGC headstone in Bethune Town Cemetery. #WW1
  • Although it’s always been kept in St Mary’s, it’s actually owned by the town – there was nowhere else large enough to keep it! – Bridgwater Heritage
  • Happy Easter to all. Bridgwater’s finest piece of art represents the descent from the cross. We don’t know the name of the artist, all we know is that it was seized from a Spanish or French privateer in the eighteenth century, and bought at auction by the town’s MP. – Bridgwater Heritage

Usually I seem to share a lot of recipes and food blogs, not for these three days – however, I did retweet a very great favourite of mine:

  • Very subtly spiced Persian stew with  meatballs, lentils,  dried limes,  aubergines,  courgettes and tomatoes. This is lighter & easier version of gheymeh bademjan  – Persian Cooking

Twitter also allows access to political views of all sorts.. which can be a tricky path to tread between extreme points of view and points of extreme views!

  • Charles M. Blow – four tweets
  • Emma González
  • Owen Jones

Art and the arts…

  • Tanita Tikaram shared Peter Startup (1921–1976) ‘Figures outside an Underground Station (Hammersmith Underground)’ 1946
  • Tanita Tikaram also shared Samuel Joseph Brown (1907 – 1994)  ‘Self-Portrait’ c.1941
  • Does this make you shiver?!! asked Imogen Gibbon William McTaggart c.1892 Snow in April
  • Charles Bazalgette – An Interview with Prinny’s tailor….
  •  Dara McAnulty Oh to be in Rathlin – When you live surrounded by houses, roads, traffic, noise…to be somewhere like Rathlin Island; it feels home like than any other place I’ve been to. Twilight singing of Blackbird, Meadow Pipit & Skylark mixed… (not exactly art but inspiring enough to make you write, draw, paint, sculpt, dance!)

Lastly I shared two posts from a charity I support, Practical Action:

  • Practical Action ‘We had so much fun last year at the Blue Dot Festival! Have you seen the line up for this summer? Better get your tickets fast!
  • Practical Action “What’s a Floating Farm and why would we need them?” we hear you cry. Well, glad you asked…

Quite a variety! And there’s not even any music!! Well, only one, a little Mavericks… and here is some more:

Oh, and if you haven’t yet read any of my books, here is a link:




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