Granny Anne

I was fortunate enough to meet my great-grandparents when I was a young child, and also fortunate enough to have the sort of memory which recalls them. I remember when we used to visit Tom and Annie Allen in their little terraced house, they would usually be in bed. I guess this was because it was warmer in bed because once we went to see them and granny was in the hall. I was a very small child at the time and must have expressed my surprise at seeing her opening the door to us.

“You didn’t think I had legs, did you?” she asked, laughing.

Anne was Anne Farrington, born in 1863 in Cambridge and married Thomas William Allen in 1887 – what a long marriage they had, nearly seventy years! They had five daughters, including my grandma Maud, and two sons… from whom they had many grandchildren – including my dad Donald.

There are many family stories about Tom and Anne – or Annie as we called her and i have begun to tell some of them, sharing them here. Thanks to the marvels of the internet and genealogical sites I’ve been able to find out more about the family than any of us cousins remember. What is more, thanks again to the internet, I have found a cousin! Anne’s sister Sarah was an adventuress and she went to the USA and found adventures no doubt, but also a husband! Now I have done some on-line adventuring and a new cousin and I have ‘met’ each other!

No doubt I will be sharing more family stories soon as this new friend and cousinship has really inspired me!!


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