I didn’t realise when I went up to Bristol to the Polish Club, probably in about 2002, that I would see a band which I have followed ever since and try to get to see every time they come over to the UK. In actual fact, the band as a ‘beat combo’ is no more but the leader Kevin Montgomery still tours.

I knew nothing about Kevin when I went up to Bristol on a miserable November night – soon warmed to red-hot with the music in the club. It was an amazing gig, fabulous music, great performances, and I bought a couple of CDs which I’ve been playing ever since.

Kevin Montgomery is, I discovered the son of Bob Montgomery, of whom I didn’t know anything about at that time. Bob was born in 1937 and he was best friends with Buddy Holly – well, I’d heard of Buddy Holly! What I didn’t know but soon found out was that Bob and Buddy formed a duo called – ‘Buddy and Bob’ and they had a radio show when they were still young lads. However before long Buddy went solo, although songs Bob wrote and songs they co-wrote where in his repertoire, such as ‘Heartbeat’ which is famous in the UK as the theme of a popular TV show.

Other songs Bob wrote or co-wrote are ‘Wishing’,  ‘Love’s Made a Fool of You’ and many others He wrote for other people including Patsy Cline (‘Back in Baby’s Arms’) and Bobby Goldsboro (‘Honey’.)

Bob died in 2014 but here is Kevin singing heartbeat – looking so like his dad:

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