An excellent breakfast dish… not town kippers of henna-like complexion and unrefined flavour!

I’ve been sharing an article written probably a hundred years ago, about breakfast. I thought I had finished with coffee… but then came across some additional comments on fish for breakfast. The writer makes general comments about different fish, particularly what seems to be her favourite, finnan-haddock or finnan-haddie. The most simple way to serve it is, she writes’ to cook it in the oven and then ‘the fish may be anointed with butter’.

She writes about smoked haddock, smokies (small haddock) kippers and bloaters. Of kippers she writes:

An American friend, normally most appreciative of English food, says when he comes to stay, that he bars only two things, Brussels sprouts and kippers.
I know just what that indicates; he has been served with large and watery sprouts and town kippers of henna-like complexion and unrefined flavour.
I find myself getting quit sad to think that his prejudice will become so set that even when he comes up to the Highlands, he will deny himself the luxury of eating a properly smoked, delicately flavoured small Scotch kipper.

She goes on to mention ‘an excellent breakfast dish’ which is so simple, flaked cooked smoked haddock and butter, all piled on hot buttered toast (she likes her butter) She offers a variation with the haddock cut in pieces and put in an oven-proof pot with butter, black pepper and a little milk, baked for 15 minutes and served with sour cream and chopped parsley

I think I might buy some smoked haddock tomorrow…

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