What do you mean – give up writing????

I think I must do a lot of moaning, and then I think I must do a lot of nothing about things I’m moaning about. I guess my two main moans are how untidy our house is and ditto the garden. Since we gave up work we are so busy it’s difficult to find five minutes to do chores, let alone a whole morning! To be fair for us two and our two adult children, there’s always food on the table, washing on the line, piles of ironed clothes to be put away – everyone is fed, watered, clothed and happy… it’s just stuff… You see, I’m moaning already!! We’ve never really been gardeners but we have tried our best; however, this year, trapped by bad weather things have gone a bit rampant – nature doesn’t take long to reassert itself, this house has only been here a relatively short time and before that it was fields, brambly weedy rough ground,… Moaning again!!

What’s triggered this? Well, I was talking to a friend (not moaning, honestly) and she said ‘well why don’t you give up writing for two weeks and just get everything tidied and sorted’.  I literally gasped out loud – it was as shocking as if someone had said give up… well, I can’t think what would be worse to give up…

Giving up for two weeks –

  • going to the pub – yup I could manage that
  • drinking wine and beer – yup, could do that, done it before for longer than two weeks – nine months to be exact (I did have a reward at the end – two healthy kids!)
  • cheese – hmmm, tough one but yes I could do that
  • tea… this is getting near the edge, but yes, I could do that ditto above for nine months

I’m struggling to think of what other challenges I could have to give up – I don’t eat sweets, chocolate, cakes, buns, crisps, chips… What about giving up activities?

  • reading – I’d struggle on that and would have to store all the newspapers to catch up on afterwards
  • going on the internet – tricky with the research I need to do, but yes, I could do that… I think…
  • cooking – does making a salad count as cooking? I love cooking and making different dishes, but I could forswear that as long as I was still able to concoct my salads… if not then I’d just eat the different fruit and vegetables in their natural state

Giving up writing… could I give up writing for two weeks… golly, I would struggle, I really would. I would feel restless, frustrated, grumpy, anxious, unhappy – and probably tearful and snappy too.

When my friend made the suggestion I was almost breathless with the horrific vision of being unable to write!! I’m not talking about when writers come to a place in their writing and getting a block, in other words writer’s block. When that’s happened to me, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to write something else…

But not write? For two weeks? My idea of hell!


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