Coming home – or not

I was all set to call my next Radwinter book ‘Saltpans’; I may very well call another Radwinter book by that title, but halfway through writing it I realised by naming it that I gave away a complete story line… There would be no ‘will they/won’t they’ through out the book because the reader will be able to guess the answer. I tried not to be too disheartened, reasoning that by the end of writing it, a name would have occurred… so far it hasn’t.

As I was driving home I had a sudden inspiration! Yes!! Brilliant!! It would tie in with every plot line, and also the final scene would be perfect – almost as if I’d written that scene for the title, not the other way round!

As soon as I got back I told my husband my great idea… A bit clichéed, isn’t it? he remarked… Oh dear, was it? I decided to see if any other books had a similar title… oh my goodness, yes they did… Just on the first Amazon page I looked at there were thirty different books, of every sort… Thirty!!! 30!!! And that was just on the first page!

There was a Christian romance, there was a gay romance, there was one Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being, one Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child, another Healing the Primal Wound . Good grief, as my main character Thomas Radwinter would say!

Here was one on The Birth & Transformation of the Planetary Era . and then you could read a  Story of Undying Hope and Notes for the Journey,  both under the title I had thought so original for my next novel. There were among them  a couple I did  fancy reading, one about someone coming back to the Irish language, and one about art and the great hunger (the Irish Famine)

There were novels as well, two were described as feel-good novels, one had family secrets at its heart, one was heart warming, and another was compelling with a shocking twist. There were several novels which were the latest in a series, and several which had in their title a place name.

So what did I hope to call my book which obviously I won’t now? … Coming Home…

It was such a good title…

Here’s a link to the other books in the series so you can catch up in time for this new one coming out – whatever it’s called:


  1. Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being by Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff
  2. Home Coming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child – by John Bradshaw
  3. Coming Home: One man’s return to the Irish Language – by Michael McCaughan
  4. Coming Home Art and the Great Hunger – by Niamh O Sullivan
  5. Coming Home to Autism – by Tara Leniston
  6. Coming Home to Self: Healing the Primal Wound – by Nancy Verrier
  7. Coming Home: Essays on the New Heaven and New Earth – by D. A. Carson and C. Jeffrey Robinson Sr.
  8. Coming Home: The Birth & Transformation of the Planetary Era – by Kelly Ph.D. Sean M.
  9. Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope – by Karen Kingsbury
  10. Coming Home: Notes for the Journey – by Stephen G Wright
  11. Coming Home (My Story) – by Jim Eldridge
  12. Coming Home: An uplifting feel good novel with family secrets at its heart – by Fern Britton
  13. Coming Home to the Comfort Food Café: The only heart-warming feel-good novel you need! – by Debbie Johnson
  14. Coming Home: A compelling novel with a shocking twist – by Annabel Kantaria
  15. Coming Home – Rosamunde Pilcher
  16. Coming Home – Michael Morpurgo and Kerry Hyndman
  17. Coming Home – by Wendy Smith and Ariadne Wayne
  18. Coming Home: by Avery Ford
  19. Coming Home – by Kris Jett
  20. Coming Home – by Geri Glenn
  21. Coming Home – by Jon Elsby
  22. Coming Home: Jackson Falls Book – by Laurie Breton
  23. Coming Home (Alex Benedict) – by Jack McDevitt
  24. Coming Home (Treading Water Series Book ) – by Marie Force.
  25. Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay – by Bella Osborne
  26. Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage – by Heidi Swain
  27. Coming Home to Island House – by Erica James
  28. Coming Home: for Christmas – by Patricia Scanlan
  29. Coming Home: A Christian Romance (Home to Collingsworth Book ) – by Kimberly Rae Jordan
  30. Coming Home: An M/M Contemporary Gay Romance (Finding Shore Book ) – by J.P. Oliver and Peter Styles

… and this was only page 1!

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