More Red Riding Hood

I wish my family liked salad… I love the variety and the contrasting and complimentary flavours of different fruits and vegetables, but making a small one person salad is sometimes a challenge.

I came across this wonderful recipe, which I have shared before, but I came across my notes on it – Red Riding Hood Salad, so-called because it’s topped by a scatter of pomegranate seeds. There are as many recipes for it as there are people who enjoy it – but the essence is that there are seven layers of ingredients.

Here’s one set of items:

  • cooked cubed chicken
  • cooked cubed potato and grated carrots mixed with mayonnaise
  • grated cheese
  • nuts
  •  chopped hard-boiled eggs.
  • extra mayonnaise
  • pomegranate

arrange in a bowl in the following layers, from the bottom:

  1. potato and carrot mixture
  2. chicken and a little mayonnaise
  3. walnuts
  4. cheese
  5. potatoes and carrot mix
  6. eggs
  7. pomegranate seeds

Another recipe suggests slices of smoked chicken, the potatoes and carrots to be separate, and with the addition of chopped onions, so the pomegranate doesn’t count as a layer, just a decoration! Arranged from the bottom:

  1.  onions
  2. cooked cubed potatoes
  3. slices of smoked chicken breast
  4. lightly crushed walnuts
  5. carrots cut into cubes;
  6. eggs rubbed on a coarse grater or lightly mashed
  7. grated cheese

If I were doing such a salad, I wonder what ingredients I would choose – I think I might miss the potatoes, and have something acidic, maybe pineapple?

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