In awe

I am in awe of Nevada Barr… yes, I know I keep writing about her, but is it any wonder? Here I am struggling with the sixth novel in my Radwinter series – editing it and trying to knock it into a decent shape, and here I also am, reading Nevada’s 13th novel, Hard Truth, about Anna Pigeon the doughty park ranger cum police officer.

Since reading Anna Pigeon #12 I have also read ‘An Uncommon Reader’ by Alan Bennett, ‘Maus’ by Art Spiegelman,’Dead Lock’ by Damien Boyd and a couple of other things which now escape me. All brilliant books in their own way, but no I am with Anna Pigeon and this time she is in Rocky Mountain National Park, in ‘Hard Truth’..

The story starts, not with Anna but with a woman who not long before the start of the story was paralysed from the waist downwards in an accident while ice-climbing. She has gone camping with her devoted aunt and sets out for a ‘walk’ in her wheelchair at night. It’s a dangerous thing to do in the dark and unfortunately she hits something and falls over in her chair and is trapped by it in the dark. From the undergrowth emerge two young girls, semi-naked and in a filthy and neglected condition. Although they are hardly able to communicate, the woman manages to get them to help them to help her – although now she wants to help them.

It turns out that these girls are two out of three who went missing over a month ago. Despite extensive searches they hadn’t been found until now… Was I gripped, yes I was!! Did I read way too late, yes I did? Has the story line been haunting me all day? Yes it has!

What a writer! She makes me feel quite inadequate, however, if you think you might like to read my books, including the first five in the Radwinter series, here is a link:

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