Come up, Inspector Graham!

I’m busy working on my next novel, however for various reasons (nice reasons) my work keeps getting interrupted and I confess I’m not making the progress I’d hoped. However, progress is being made and we are almost ready for a big announcement

In this new story Thomas Radwinter has an office; with a big family to look after in a small house, there isn’t much room to work from home, so he has found himself a cheap office to rent. Her he is on his first day in the new office:

Hmm… my first day in my new office… well, half a day. I have to collect various kids from various places and then I’ll be home getting dinner ready for us all and doing dadly things… perfect!
There was a ‘dong’ and I enquired through the entry phone who it was, feeling rather full of myself – I’d only been here an hour on my first day; I had plenty to do, and wasn’t expecting anyone, but here was a client…
My optimism deflated like a punctured football – I’d been playing footie on the beach with Kenneil and Terri and I confess I really booted the ball, it hit a rock, bounced off and then sat there deflating…
“Come up, Inspector Graham!” I said with false heartiness. I slapped down a feeling of anxiety, I had nothing to be anxious about, I’d done nothing wrong… well, nothing that anyone apart from my friend David knows about.
Last year I was involved in a very nasty incident which ended up in two people being dead… I’d spent a lot more time with the police than I wanted, and had to go to court – well two courts, a coroner’s court and a Crown Court. I had a few nightmares after that, I can tell you… a period of insomnia, and altogether an unpleasant few months… But I battened it all down, locked it all away and got on with being a dad and a husband…
“Thomas, good to see you, I hope you don’t mind me dropping in without an appointment,” Graham said as we shook hands. I greeted him as enthusiastically and normally as I could and he asked me to call him ‘Charles’ which I took to be a signal that he wasn’t here on police business and my heart rated slowed back to normalish.
He asked after the family and as usual I wittered on too much about how they all were – I still can’t get over how fortunate I am; I had many sad years when I thought I would never be a dad… and now I am, five times over!
“And how are your brothers?” he asked… and this began to be a bit odd… he really is not a friend by any means, and I can’t imagine he has any real interest in the various Radwinters. If it had been anyone other than Inspector Graham, I’d think he was flannelling, building himself up to say something unexpected… hmmm…

Later he thinks about Inspector Graham:

If I had to tell you what Inspector Graham looked like I’d struggle… he’s got brownish greyish hair, a normal  handsome-ish  face, brownish  eyes, not particularly tall but not particularly short. Inspector Graham isn’t fat or thin, he’s sort of… normal… he wears smart grey suits… well, every time I’ve seen him he does, and he has a pleasant but ordinary voice with no particular accent, or funny way of speaking… he’s just ordinary… and probably for a policeman that’s an advantage… I guess you don’t always want to announce your profession…
I don’t get any sense of his character either, but I have the feeling he knows a bit about me… we first met when I was a witness to a man attacking someone,  and since then I seem to have got myself in various pickles which ended up with me making statements and being interviewed by the police…

© Lois Elsden 2018

Here is a link to y other Radwinter books! Please let me know what you think of them, kindly criticism very welcome! I would also really appreciate any reviews left for me on Amazon!!

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