It’s summer!

We’re experiencing a glorious summer at the moment! It’s not just the unbroken sunshine and then the gorgeous sunsets across the sea in the evening, its the accompanying blue sky, the warmth and the lovely air. The birds are loving it and as I wrote yesterday, there have obviously been successful breeding this year, especially jackdaws and sparrows. I do have to say that some of the sparrows behaviour is not very seemly, in fact if they were human their public displays of affection (and more) would have them arrested!

The garden is verdant, even though it desperately needs attention ()no time to weed or prune – too busy weeding and pruning my book!) The roses are flourishing, even the miniature roses have broken out and are now large bushes – with small delicate, perfumed blooms! We can sit outside to read the paper and have lunch, before returning to our work – I would love to do my writing outside – if I used a pen or a type-writer i could, but screens become invisible in other light! Even now I have a sheet across the window so I can see what I’m doing now (I don’t have curtains or blinds because I love having a window full of light – doesn’t quite work this summer!)

People talk about how summers in the past were always sunny – well, actually, I remember plenty which weren’t. I remember shivering on a Norfolk beach, picnicking in raincoats, huddling in a friend’s beach hut as a hail storm rained, swimming in the sea and river with rain falling… I remember summer holidays inside, looking out – occupying myself with jigsaws, drawing, painting, reading and of course, writing! Even then I was always writing – although i did write more poetry in those days!

Now I am so fortunate. I no longer have a day job where I am trapped inside, looking out, having to do things i didn’t choose to do, arriving at 7:30, leaving at 5:30 – yes, teachers work blooming long hours and then have work to do in the evenings at weekends and in the holidays! Now I can choose! I choose to stay in and write, and i choose to have a beak and go outside and luxuriate in the sun with a coffee and the newspaper, or with lunch and conversation with husband, or a cup of tea, eyes shut, worshipping the sun – but still mentally working on this book – and the next!

Here’s a link to my books so you have something to read while enjoying the weather – my next soon to be published book is Radwinter VI – make sure you catch up with the other Radwinter books, and you might also enjoy my other novels too! I would be so grateful for your comments, and really appreciate a little review on Amazon!

My Radwinter books, Radwinter, Magick, Raddy and Syl, Beyond Hope, Earthquake –

and my other books, Farholm, Flipside, Loving Judah, Lucky Portbradden, night vision, The Double Act, The Stalking of Rosa Czekov, So You Want to Write…, Run Blue Run!, Screaming King Harry, The Moving Dragons Write


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