Here’s Thomas

It’s just over a year since I republished my first Thomas Radwinter novel as a paperback – and now I am on the verge of publishing the sixth in the series! Here’s what I wrote about it last year, on this very day:

Thomas Radwinter is a character who I first wrote about in 2013; I thought I had completed his story when I published ‘Radwinter’ as an e-book in February 2014. However, since then his story has continued, much to my surprise. two weeks ago, I published that same first Thomas novel as a paperback.

It’s an ordinary evening in September 2013, and Thomas is visiting his brother Paul:

I knocked on Paul’s door and I must admit I felt rather glum; I shouldn’t have been surprised that Rebecca had something else to do which involved the car, so I’d had to catch the bus. I’d asked if she could drop me off, but she said as we live on one side of Strand and Paul lives on the other, it wasn’t convenient as she was going in the opposite direction. I was so cross I didn’t even ask where she was going, and it was only as I sat on the number 403 that I wondered.

Paul’s son opens the door, but he is just going out with a friend so Thomas is left alone in the hall:

The hall was large and well-lit and despite being an all-male household, Paul manages to keep it neat. He has a cleaner who comes in several times a week, but Paul is just a neat bloke. Everything he does is precise, and he always looks tidy, unlike me. Rebecca told me I just look like a bundle of clothes, well, a fat bundle of clothes she said to be accurate. Considering she buys all my things that’s hardly my fault… but she says I’m fat so maybe that’s my fault… but then she moans if I don’t eat what she’s cooked… and she is a very good cook so I like eating her meals…
I stood in the hall not quite knowing what to do, dithering, Rebecca would say; the house was quiet although there was music coming from somewhere, and the sound of a guitar being played from somewhere else, and what sounded like gun fire from someone playing a computer game.
Should I knock on the sitting room door? But that would be silly, knocking in my own brother’s house. Or maybe they were eating a late dinner, there was a sweet caramelly smell…unless it was an air-freshener, Rebecca had one once that smelt like strawberry bootlaces… the long sweetie things which I still sometimes secretly buy…
Or maybe they were in the kitchen… what to do? I stood dithering and suddenly the kitchen door was flung open… Paul’s family do a lot of door flinging, they are always so cheerful and exuberant… very different from Marcus’s two.
“Tommy!” only Paul calls me that, well, John does too sometimes. He looked pleased to see me, well, he looked delighted which always surprises me when anyone does and why anyone should. “What are you doing, lurking here?! Come through to the kitchen, we’re in here.”

Later, looking back, Thomas thinks that this was the moment when his life changed in a way he could never have imagined. If you want to find out what happened to Thomas, and why the meeting with his brother Paul was so significant, you can find my novel ‘Radwinter’ here:

Here is a link to the other Thomas Radwinter stories:

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