A truncated quiz night

This evening as usual it was quiz night, Tuesday at the Dolphin is the evening when there are two rounds of the bingo quiz. However it was somewhat complicated by the fact that it was the Football World Cup and England was playing Columbia. Kick-off was at 7-ish… I don’t exactly know, I’m not into football. I was busy writing, my daughter watching videos, and only my son and husband interested.

A  lot of our fellow quizzers and Dolphin folk were similarly focused and this meant they were down at the other end of the pub watching the match on TV. The quiz starts at 9, but the score went to 2-2 so although we and a few die-hards were there up our end, there was a mass of other folk down by the TV. The quiz was delayed as the game went first of all into extra time and then with a penalty shoot-out.

The landlord was so on edge he had to go out and sit in the car park while it took place. Down our end, with our various friendly quiz teams, we just sat and waited until it was all over. We found an on-line quiz and just for fun we had a go with that.

Thank goodness, our team – England that is, not the quizzers, was successful, and the landlord returned, relieved and ready to have a single round competition between the three loyal teams who were there. Great fun but unfortunately we were totally unsuccessful, although we did go to a tie-break.

Great time was had by all… Eng-er-land Eng-er-land Eng-er-land… football’s coming home it’s coming home, it’s coming home….

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