A bit busy today…

I usually post once in the morning, once sometime during the day, and then again about now… well, here I am about now, but what happened during the day?

There was somewhat of a hectic start when I forgot I was supposed to be giving someone a lift, but all was well and everyone ended up where they were supposed to be and on time. This morning I was on my own in the house and was working on the last little editing tasks and one last whizz through of Saltpans, my next book. I could spend months going over and over and tweaking here and tweaking there but there has to be a moment when I have to shout ‘stop!!’ to myself.

This afternoon I spent with a friend who has written a spiritual book about her personal journey through faith, helping her edit her text. It’s so interesting to work with someone writing in a completely different genre, and we had a friendly and productive time – and she refuelled me with a cream tea! I walked home (feeling very virtuous) and then it was the usual evening tasks of meals and some ironing while dinner cooked.

So somehow I just didn’t manage to squeeze in a blog today… and here I am now with some more news – I am in the process of uploading my book! it will take a while as I have to proof read it and do all the usual faffing about but I really hope that within a week it will be available for you to buy and read!!

If you can’t wait, here’s a link to my other books – have a look to see if there are any you haven’t read yet!



  1. David Lewis

    My wife inadvertently came up with a new word flustrated.It is a combination of flustered and frustrated.Is there a word for such an error like a spoonerism?

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