Women and Power at Killerton

Today we went back to Killerton in Devon with our friends; we have been so often to this lovely property and grounds, and never tire of visiting. The particular reason for going today was to see an exhibition about the votes for women campaign from a century ago and the eventual success of this just cause:

As part of the National Trust’s Women and Power programme for 2018, we are celebrating 100 years of women getting the vote by telling two stories of women from Killerton and their roles at the heart of the fight for votes for women, on opposing sides.
Immerse yourself in both sides of the suffrage debate, as the story of a family divided is told through portraits of key suffrage players, including those from the National Women’s Anti-Suffrage league. The exhibition also showcases the politicisation of clothing during the period.

The family who used to own Killerton had women on both sides of the fight for suffrage, and it was very interesting, for once to see the arguments against the struggle for women’s rights to vote. Men and women opposed it – which seems extraordinary now. Within in the women’s suffrage movement there were different shades of enthusiasm, and different ideas of how their aims should be pursued – direct action or passive protest? What is not in doubt is the courage of these women.


Here is a story about another visit to Killerton, several years ago, a story about Tom and Gilbert:

We decided to head south and cross the border from Somerset into Devon, from the green county to the red county! Somerset is green because of the lush meadows and pastures, and rolling hills, Devon is red because of the soil and the Ruby cows. we went to Killerton, a National Trust property with lovely gardens and an interesting house. I’ve been there many times before, at different times of year, and whatever the season or weather it is always lovely and there is always plenty to see.

We walked through the grounds and came upon this delightful little cottage, as picturesque in reality as it is in the photos. it was like something from a fairy tale and we discovered that it had been the home of a very special resident


Tom the bear apparently lived here, and it is the sweetest little place imaginable.


Look how pretty it is with the detail in the roof and the floor ‘paved’ with rings of wood sliced from trees; I don’t know if Tom slept on the little shelf or if it was just a seat for him and Gilbert.


There is a little fireplace to keep them warm… maybe they toasted crumpets and ate them with honey?

DSCF6434There is a stained glass window in the back parlour… or maybe this was Tom’s bedroom?

DSCF6429And this is the front… If ever you are in Devon, be sure to visit Killerton just to see Tom’s hut!



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