It wasn’t quite as I expected

I like trying different combinations of ingredients – even in something as simple as egg on toast… My perfect method of frying an egg (so far the best) is to add a tiny amount of oil or butter to one of those virtually non-stick pans, sprinkle on some dry seaweed (gutweed, kelp, wrack or dulse – I got a little selection!) add the egg, sprinkle with more seaweed, some cracked pepper and other spices, a pinch of herby, lemony seasalt; I cover it until the white is set and the yolk runny, then have it on toast with an avocado mashed instead of butter. That’s my favourite.

This morning I tried something different… it was all the same except I had some bacon bits in the pan beneath the egg, and no avocado. Instead of half a slice of normal bread, for some reason I thought a currant loaf would make a nice change – sweet and savoury together works, doesn’t it? Well maybe sweet and savoury does work sometimes, but unfortunately it really didn’t this time… In fact if I wasn’t so reluctant to waste food I might have thrown it away. Waste not, want not, so I ate it, all of it… but I won’t try that again…

Back to normal tomorrow!

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