Saltpans – thank you!!

It’s a week since I published my latest book, Saltpans, the most recent in my Radwinter series. Thanks to all of you who have bought it, and thank you for the kind and positive comments!!

The series follows the different commissions Thomas Radwinter undertakes – initially genealogical investigations, but as time (and the books) go by, he is asked to put his mind to other things, little mysteries… which sometimes turn out to be dangerous adventures!

As well as these mysteries, the books also follow how Thomas and his life changes; in the autumn of 2013 he was in a very sad place, unhappy marriage, unrewarding job, few friends and struggling to find his relationships with his family – three older brothers, all strong, handsome, successful individuals… or so Thomas thinks.  Over the years Thomas changes as he finds himself in not just a happy place, but a very happy place – happy in his home life, happy in what he does for a living, and despite a few ups and downs,  a much closer relationship with his family.

Thomas’s character has developed as well, no longer insecure, no longer feeling a failure, no longer lacking in confidence… in fact he becomes a little over-confident, a little too ‘full of himself, bumptious his new wife says! His character has swung a little far in the opposite over-excitable, and sometimes silly! In ‘Saltpans‘ he has relaxed into his very happy life, wife, children, many friends, work he enjoys, so my book Saltpans has a very different feel to it – or I hope it has! I hope although Thomas is still fun and funny, he is more relaxed and able to enjoy his very busy life.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t become involved in something which leads him towards danger, because despite his attempts to be Mr Boring and put his family first, he is drawn into what seems a simple and harmless ‘case’, which proves to have the potential for disaster – not so much for Thomas himself but for others who quite innocently have put themselves in peril.

Here is a link to Saltpans which I hope you will enjoy:

For of those of you who have already finished it (you eager beavers!) my next novel will be a historical one, set in the 1950’s, but I already have Radwinter 7 in mind, which will be very much darker than any of the others so far!

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