Quiz update

Quiz night, and three of us wandered down to the Dolphin, our fourth being in Birmingham. It’s strange how we tend to do the same as we always do so on quiz night we go in and just inside the door to the right are our friends who recently were so hilarious and successful in their drama ‘Three Weddings and an Elvis’, in the corner on our left are our friends Tim and wife and their friends, at the bar is Taz and his trio and in the far corner on the left is a variety of people, some strangers, some we have seen before, some regulars displaced from elsewhere… who knows, and we sit opposite the bar but on the bench seats. When I say ‘we’ I mean the family plus the ice-creams, our friends the Boltons – called that because they come from Bolton, not because their name is Bolton. We call them the ice-creams because they have the best ice-cream shop in Somerset!

Tonight after a pleasant stroll down the empty high street, we went into the pub and all the usual seats were taken. Our drama friends were not in their usual place, another regular, Richard was sitting there, waiting for his team so we went through found an empty table in the bar we call the cross-benches named after that part of the House of Commons where independent MPs sit who are independent. No sooner had we sat down than our drama friends drifted past, displaced from their normal place. They sat with us and before long, the ice-creams arrived.

What a pleasant evening it was – there were two rounds of the quiz and we were successful in one, but we had a great time. The conversation – between quiz questions, ranged over music, drama, education, ice-cream, books, children, university… and much more.

This is the great thing about a great pub… you met up with people you barely know and before long you’re having a great time, full of unexpected interest!



    1. Lois

      I think Mark the landlord gets them from a company. There’s a great selection, geography, current affairs, film, history, what year, anagrams… I think I mentioned it’s played like bingo, so even if you are useless you stand a chance of winning ‘a line’!


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