What was the name again?

For our next book club we are reading a book by Peter May, the Scottish novelist, I’ll Keep You Safe. I’ve read other books by this Glasgow born writer and I’m enjoying this gripping mystery. May was born in 1951, was a journalist and TV writer but always wanted to be a novelist. He’s written many successful novels –

  • The Lewis Trilogy
  • The Enzo Files – 6
  • The China Thrillers – 6
  • Standalone novels – 9

I mentioned what I was reading to my husband and he said, Oh, Peter May, he played for Surrey. Indeed Peter May the cricketer did play for Surrey and for England, and was captain of both teams. There are other famous Peter Mays –

  • Peter W. May, American businessman
  • Peter May (weightlifter) (born 1966), British weightlifter
  • J. Peter May (born 1939), mathematician

I was messaging another member of the book club, reminding her of what book it was, and inadvertently wrote Peter Jay – who was a diplomat, journalist and economist. There are another couple of famous Peter Jays – Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, a 1960’s singer, and Peter Jay who founded Anvil Press.

In attempting to correct Peter Jay, predictive text gave me Peter Kay the comedian and actor… It set me wondering what other  slips I could have made…

  • Peter Bay, music director,,
  • Peter Day broadcaster and radio presenter, Peter Day chemist, Pete Day recording engineer/producer, Peter Morton Day journalist and ecumenical leader
  • Peter Fay, American lawyer and judge
  • Peter Gay, historian and writer
  • Peter Hay – seven of them, Canadian writer, Australian brewer, British steam railway enthusiast, water colourist, civil engineer, sailor, artist and publisher
  • Peter Quay, American attorney
  • Peter Way, musician

There are other people, ordinary people, called Peter Cay, Peter Lay, Peter Nay, Peter Ray,  Peter Say and Peter Zay…

No doubt I will write a proper review of Peter May’s book!

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