1600 thank yous!

How thrilled I am to have received my 1600th follower. Thank you all so much – I really am very excited and very grateful to you all!

I started writing here in 2012, and to be honest I only had a vague idea what I was doing. My aim was to share my thoughts on my writing and my books and try ad promote both of them. I never ever realised what bonuses I would have – contacts across the world, friends, other bloggers who are such brilliant, interesting and engaging writers.

I was about to publish my first book Farholm which was about a woman who had discovered at the same time that she learned that her beloved husband had been killed in a motorway accident, that he had married her bigamously. She travelled to Farholm Island to try and find out more about him and his ‘real’ life that he lived there – not to make herself known to his wife, children and family., but just to learn and understand the man she thought she had married. Once she arrived there she learned that he was also a suspect in an ongoing murder inquiry… two young girls had been killed and a third was missing… was her husband responsible?

So, I began to share my thoughts, and tell a few stories, and write about my book… and then things began to change and I found the blog was becoming a thing in itself and I was loving writing it and interacting with other people and heading off on a path which was more than just this one book I had worked so hard on writing, editing, and eventually publishing. Suddenly the blog became part of my life – and the friends I was talking to, reading, exchanging view with were separate and improtant and valuable! Blogging became a thing – it became a thing I did as soon as I got up… then I wrote my stories, lived my life, then I blogged again, had some lunch, wrote a lot more, did stuff then I blogged again, had dinner, watched TV, went to the pub, chatted, wrote, wrote some more…

All those people who have read my blogs… All you wonderful 1600 (sixteen hundred, one thousand six hundred)  who follow me, thank you so much!!! Thank you!! I do really appreciate your support!

Here is a link to Farholm – just in case you haven’t yet read it:



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