Sauntering down to the pub

It’s just after ten and we think we might need refreshing after such a hot and sticky day. It’s a couple of minutes saunter down the empty high street in Uphill which is actually called Old Church Road, and we amble down to the Dolphin.

There’s a band of jolly cricket fans gathered at the bar who are very pleased to see us. They have been to Edgbaston watching England v India in a test match. I didn’t get to hear much about the cricket because they were in a very jolly fashion talking about all their other adventures… needless to say they had a marvellous time, and as I write, the score is – at the end of day three of five, England 287 – India 274 and India need 194 to win.

We chatted with them for a while, about cricket, teaching, the village magazine, the pub, and then sat at one of the tables to chat among ourselves. I have to say, the Otter beer was mighty fine tonight…

We sat, just the three of us and our conversation ranged over gym membership, Brazilian jujitsu, Russian politics, alcoholism, writing competitions, sports injuries, rowing, pubs, Facebook… and much else. We had a brief conversation with Chris the barman with the amazing smile, with Terry one of the regulars and a musical friend of ours, and then, beer supped we headed home.

This picture shows puddles, there are no puddles in this hot summer.. in fact there haven’t been for about three months! There was no traffic and we wandered along the middle of the road, still talking about Russia and politics…

We rounded the corner and Bailey the tiny cat came to greet us and then decided not to and ran straight past, and there was home… maybe a little nightcap?

My featured image is taken at the Dolphin, not tonight but many years ago… another, different great evening!

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