The new inn.. The New Inn!

On Sunday evening we generally go out for a drink as a family, just late on, just for a couple. We often go to our local the Dolphin to see the 2 T’s, Tim and Trev, but sometimes we venture further afield and try different pubs in different villages. So recently we have tried the Railway in Sandford, the Red Cow near Brent Knoll (it closed at 10…) the Old Inn and the Plough in Congresbury and the Lamb in Axbridge. All good in their different ways, some we would return to, some we wouldn’t.

So what do we look for in a good pub… well, the beer, the staff, the other customers, how interesting the pub is, the ambiance… Tonight we went to a pub in the next village to us, Hutton. Like many places round here, Hutton is a village where people have settled and lived for a very, very long time. Within the parish, Elborough Hill is an Iron Age, and there is still evidence there of Iron Age field systems, possibly extending into the Roman era. Hutton was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Hotune,  Hutton Court was built in the 15th century as a manor house and is a Grade 2 listed building…

Back to pubs and the New Inn in Hutton. We used to go there from time to time, to eat mainly; it had a deservedly good reputation, especially for Sunday lunches, but then for one reason or another we stopped going. However, this evening, wanting to go on one of our little jaunts, and not having enough time to go far afield, we dropped down to Hutton and parked round the back of the ‘new’ Old Inn.

We’ve noticed driving past at lunch time and early evening it’s always busy, and in the nice weather the seats outside are always crammed with people enjoying their drinks. I wondered if it would be jam-packed at 9:30 on a Sunday evening… well, it wasn’t. However it was far from empty. There was a jolly crowd in the front bar enjoying a quiz, and other folk sitting in the other bars enjoying a drink.

We were greeted by a friendly bar person, himself had a beer – our favourite brewery, Otter, but it was Otter Head…

I had a glass of wine, but obviously I had a smell and a taste of his beer and mighty fine it was! Although this is an old place with flagged floors, beams, nooks and cosy corners, it was bright and clean and comfortable – and the drinks were bright and clean and comforting! We had a gander at the menu and having so often eaten here in the past and enjoyed great meals, we were delighted to see it was an interesting, varied,and delicious sounding selection of dishes with a local slant. I don’t think it’s going to be long before we come here to try it out.

We weren’t there for long, but during that time, the landlord bobbed over to make sure the beer was fine – beer is a living thing and needs to be loved and cared for, he was just making sure all was well. A quiz was going on in the front bar, as I mentioned, lots of people enjoying wracking their brains, and there seems to be lots of other local activities centred on the pub.

We will definitely visit again, probably to test the menu, but definitely for another drink!

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