Some paperback news

It’s something which has been on my mind for a while, but I have been busy with other things… however what”s been on my mind is linked to what I have been busy with!

Last month I published my latest Radwinter novel in paperback as well as an e-book:

Saltpans – Thomas Radwinter’s family has settled into a busy every-day routine – parents at work, children at nursery and school. Thomas settles to be Mr Boring, he wants no more mysteries to put his life at risk: “After last year’s dramatic and traumatic events, I’ve reassessed the commissions I undertake, I’m Mr. Boring now!”
He accepts the case of a young woman who was found washed up on the local beach, unharmed but with no memory of who she is or where she has been. Thomas senses that she is afraid – of something or someone, and tries his best to help her. His research into his wife’s family finds French refugees, Zeppelin raids, heroism and tragedy – but also courage and love and a connection to a small town on the Mediterranean. A friend is troubled by an annoying but harmless stalker, and Thomas does his best to find out who is being such a nuisance to him. Meanwhile, his seven-year-old son is hoping against hope that the boy taking the lead in the school play will be ‘sacked’ and he will take over the starring role… and is there something wrong with the youngest child in the family?
Thomas half-heartedly takes on a commission from a professor at the local university, and reluctantly becomes embroiled in some ‘dodgy’ business – why? Because the family needs all the funds they can get; juggling all these different balls, Thomas and his wife are trying to find the right house which can accommodate their growing family. A beautiful property right by the sea would be perfect, but how can they ever afford it?

When I first started self-publishing on Amazon KDP in 2012, all my books were e-books. About a year ago I republished the first of my Radwinter stories as an actual book, an actual hold in your hands paperback! It was very exciting, and I intended to republish all of the series, and then the rest of my books as paperbacks.

When you first do anything you make errors and you  learn by the experience. With my first paperback I made it too big, the font was too large, the margins too wide, and so with Saltpans, I remedied that.

Last night was my reading group, and I had very positive comments from my nice friends about my books and I have decided that I am going to set to and get on with the republishing!! This means that some projects need to be rescheduled, but I confess I have been a bit lax – life has been hectic and I further confess, I have done a lot of faffing…

Here is something I wrote about faffing:

My next new book will be my 1950’s story about a young newspaper reporter, but my next publication will be Magick – Radwinter II

Magick – Encouraged by his success in discovering his Radwinter ancestors, Thomas Radwinter sets out to investigate his maternal line, starting with the mysterious and alcoholic Sylvia. His life has been somewhat dysfunctional, but now, gaining confidence through his new loving relationship with a beautiful young woman and her son, he is able to confront his own past.
His genealogical searches take him into the tragic histories of his family and other ordinary people who lived and worked under the appalling conditions of the Victorian age. His skills in finding people from the past encourage a friend to beg him to try and trace her long-lost daughter, a woman, who, it seems does not want to be found. He accepts her request, little realising this will lead him into danger.
Then the father of his partner’s son arrives; he’s come for his boy…


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