Close, but no cigar

It’s Tuesday, it’s quiz night, and I saunter down to the pub on my own. Daughter at gym – will join me later,  son has had to work extra hours at work and has only just arrived home – may join me later, husband at band practice – the Lemon Sharks are preparing for their next gig.

It’s a pleasant evening after a day which started grey and misty – beside the sea we catch a lot of what elsewhere might be called drizzle but is actually just moisture hanging in the air. Now it’s warm, the sky is clear, and the air is balmy.

I slip into the pub and say hi to our drama group friends who are sitting in their usual places, just inside the door, I greet Tim and his team and go to the bar. Taz is buying drinks for his team, Nick and Tony and Mrs Nick and Mrs Tony. They ask me where my team is and I explain, son tired and may not come down, daughter on her way, husband will join us later and our usual partners, the ice-creams will be along shortly. We have a pleasant chat and I’m invited to join their team if no-one else shows up.

I have a pint of Otter tonight, not in a wine mood, and I sit down between Taz and his team, and Tim and his. Before long daughter and the ice-creams arrive, and we have a swift catch up of news before Mark the landlord comes round with the answer sheets. Some more chat and then the quiz starts.

We confer on our answers but ultimately we each choose which we thing is the correct one. There’s a lot of head scratching but then the 25 questions are asked and answered and the sheets handed in. Great fun, but we don’t win – we thought it was tricky but a good score beats us. Round two and again we think we’re doing well – we’ve had some great inspirations with the answers… but then… they were not great enough. We have had a lovely time, so who cares that we didn’t get the highest score!

We all began to drink up and say farewell and head for home… what a very pleasant evening we have had yet again!

My featured image, by the way is the Lemon Sharks logo – they are the band my husband plays in and the reason he is always late to the quiz o Tuesday – which is band practice night!

Here’s the way you can connect with them:




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