The things we talk about…

I messaged my boyfriend and asked if he’d like to meet me at the pub for a couple of drinks… he said yes!!! OK… so it was my husband and he was downstairs and I was upstairs and I Whatsapped him… we’re funny like that!

We’ve had a lovely day, Bristol and to our favourite place the Underfall Yard; we had a nice lunch at Pickle’s, the cafe there, and then we had a wander through the boatyard, and along towards Wapping Wharf, watched a yacht race and wandered back for an ice-cream from Pickles – made by Roskilly’s of Cornwall, creme caramel flavour and very delicious.

Home and a Sunday roast on Saturday, chicken, pork joint, cabbage, broccoli, sweetcorn, carrots, runner beans, gravy, roast potatoes and a batter pudding… it was very good I do, as the cook, have to say! So after a pleasant evening we obviously felt in need of refreshment and wandered down for a pint at the Dolphin.

We went into our usual bar, the one on the left as you go in; gathered round the bar was the landlord, Mark, our friends Nigel, Tim and Vicki, two dogs and two people I recognised but didn’t’ know. We got out drinks and sat down, and chatted to each other and half-joined in the conversation at the bar.

People drifted and eventually it was us and Nigel, and Terry who had come through from the cross-benches. We sat and talked about yachts and sailing races – and Terry who had a boat for years and years told us that although he had been an excellent navigator he wasn’t as good as a helmsman – he couldn’t read’ the waves and weather as others could. I mentioned the book I’d been reading about the 1968-9 Sunday Times Golden Globe round-the-world yacht race, and the different yachts which had been involved – thinking about the boats I’d seen in Bristol. Terry said his boat had been quite heavy – when the wind was a certain strength he would do fine, when it was less he floundered.

We moved on to talk about politics, as every conversation seems to go this day, dominated by Brexit, Trump, the Falklands campaign, religious schools, Jeremy Thorpe, the Common Market, Lord Boothby, the Catholic church and more.

At one point we mentioned Teresa May and someone said she was a disastrous woman.. a complete stranger passing by who happened to be a woman asked who we were talking about – was it her? No, Teresa May! To which she replied ‘Tresemme? That’s a shampoo, innit?’

The bar staff were wiping the tables, collecting the beer mats, trying to hint it was time to go home… so home we went, under an almost full moon. What a very pleasant day!

By the way, tonight’s full moon will also be the Sturgeon Moon, which in different countries is known as the Dog Day’s Moon, the Harvest Moon and in the southern hemisphere –  Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon or Wolf Moon.


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