Washed up from the sea like a selkie

Thanks so much to everyone who has bought my latest Radwinter book, Saltpans, and thanks for all the kind and helpful comments.

In case you haven’t read the story yet, I’ll share an extract. There are several different plot-lines running through and one of them is about a young woman who was found on a seashore, unconscious but unharmed, apparently washed up on the tide. She has no idea who she is, where she has been, or anything at all about herself. The main character, Thomas Radwinter has been Private commissioned by one of the police officers who investigated the mystery, to look at the facts again:

So… how did Shelly get to the beach? Was she washed up from the sea, like some mermaid or selkie? I’ve begun to think she wasn’t; I don’t think she drifted ashore like a piece of flotsam or jetsam… I really must find out the difference!
What was the state of the tide? I have a tide-table app on my phone so I know what it will be like when we go down after school… I don’t need to know that, it’s just a nerdy thing to do!
Shelly may have been in the sea, she may have been swimming in the sea, but fully clothed? Well, apparently people go swimming at night but usually strip off. I had such a quiet and sheltered student life, living at home with Marcus and Jill, but friends told me about midnight swims, cavorting on the sands, drunken antics… skinny-dipping! I’d have been far too shy for that!!
So if Shelly was cavorting in the sea, was she cavorting with other people? Well, I don’t think so because someone would have come forward to identify her, or at least say they saw her… and she wouldn’t have cavorted fully clothed… Cavorted… what a funny word, I wonder where it comes from and I allow myself a quick deviation and find it’s only a couple of years old and no-body knows where it originates, maybe something to do with leaping horses…
If none of these things happened – she wasn’t washed overboard, dumped, ship wrecked, and hadn’t been swimming and carried out to sea, then…
I had a shiver and got up to make us coffee; eighteen months ago,  I got involved in trying to find and rescue someone. I ended up in the sea… two men were swept away and a woman died… and I sometimes have dreams, not exactly nightmares, but disturbing dreams about leaving a young woman dead on a beach…
Shelly was unhurt; when she was taken to hospital, she hadn’t even got hypothermia even though she was cold; there was nothing wrong with her, except she had no memory of how she got there.
One report I read said something along the lines of ‘not a classic case of amnesia’… hmmm

© Lois Elsden

If you want to find out what progress Thomas makes on solving this mystery, and also on his other commissions, including working out who is stalking a friend, and why a professor from the local university wants him to investigate his wife, then here is a link to Saltpans:


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