If I didn’t write…

Another mystery! Yesterday I wrote quite a long post with the above title thinking about how different my life would be if I didn’t write. It appeared, it was on Twitter… and then it has vanished completely – with just its empty ghost still tweeting…

My family is everything to me, but after them comes writing and I find it hard to imagine my life without it – even when I’m not pounding they keyboard here, or scribbling in note-books, I’m thinking about it!

If I didn’t write, I would get up in the morning, maybe after a little reading, wash, dress, have breakfast – and then maybe I would do some household chores… I certainly think the house would be less untidy if I didn’t write! I might spend some time in the garden – and although I don’t really enjoy it, maybe if I did it often enough I might come to like it a little more.

If I didn’t write (and my husband wasn’t so taken up with his art) I think we would have more little trips out than we already do. We usually go to villages and towns not too far away, mooch around, visit a museum if there is one, go round and into the local church, take lots of photos, have a picnic and maybe a tea and a cake in a tea-shop, or coffee and a cake in a café. We already do this but we would probably do it more often. We already often visit exhibitions and galleries… we would probably visit more, if I didn’t write

Would I go to more groups and classes? I belong to three writing groups – and also teach two, so what would I do instead? Learn another language? Start painting? Try and do more local history? I belong to two reading groups and have just joined another, a history reading group, so I think that is quite enough. I have no interest whatsoever in crafts, I already do plenty of cooking, I wouldn’t want to join a rambling group… Maybe mah-jong?

What would I do in the evenings? I would no doubt watch more TV, read more, maybe go to the pub more often (although I talk and write about pubs so much, we only actually go two or sometimes three times a week!)

My head is full of stores, puzzles, mysteries, not just the stories writing but things I observe – why did that lady do that? What was that man looking at? Why were those boys running? What were those children hiding? Who left that strange object there? Who did that abandoned something-or-another belong to and are they missing it? What would my head be full of if I didn’t have my stories?

With writing I am never bored, with writing I always have something to do, something to work on, some challenge…

Our house might be neater and the garden tidier, but I think I would be a very different person if I didn’t write!

To see what I have written, here is a link to my stories:




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