Dear Drivers, yes you who are unable to park carefully, considerately and safely…

Dear drivers who bring their children to school in Uphill each morning and collect them in the afternoon, I’m writing to ask you to please think a little more seriously about whether you actually do need to bring your little darlings to school by car, or whether they could walk (I’m sure they would enjoy it, and your Fitbits would love it too)

As you know, Uphill is a small village with only two ways in, one from the Weston side, and one from the Bleadon side, and the school is in the heart of the village. As you also probably know, Weston General Hospital is in the village and there are many staff and visitor cars parked here, sometimes all day which also clog the narrow village streets (NB narrow  village streets) Even so, there are other places you could park in the village if you really do have to bring your children to school by car.

There are two problems: one is parking, the other is dropping off – some of you just stop wherever you seem to feel like and let the children climb out of the car (not necessarily on the pavement side) to go to school – and at the end of the day, you hover, engine running (thanks for the pollution) waiting for the aforementioned little darlings to come out of school and climb aboard. Sometimes while waiting, you get into conversation with a passing friend, and even when you small passengers are loaded, you are still there chatting away.

Problem one – parking: I repeat, the streets of the village are narrow so please park to allow cars to pass, at least in one direction, don’t block the whole road. Don’t park across a resident’s drive. Don’t park in restricted areas – the yellow lines have recently been repainted you can see clearly where you can and cannot park. Don’t park opposite the junction of the roads by the school, don’t park on the bus stop, don’t park on corners of roads, don’t park so close to the car in front or behind that they are trapped.

Why is parking safely important? Emergency vehicles might need access – we have a lot of elderly villagers who may need an ambulance, there might be a fire, there might be an emergency at sea and the coastguards might need quick access to the beach, and guess what, the fourth service, the police might need access and if they are blocked by your inconsiderate parking, they may very well book you!

Why is parking sensibly and courteously important? Set an example to your children; be considerate to other people; park in a way which allows people to get to work, drive to the doctor’s go shopping – or just go about their business without being inconvenienced and delayed by you. Also you don’t want them to think you are a selfish, stupid ********* (insert whichever word seems to apply)

Problem two: everything above about parking applies in the same way to dropping off, be safe, sensible and courteous. But even more important – dropping off is really dangerous for others but is really, really dangerous for your children! Don’t do anything which compromises the safety of your own children.

Thank you… I write this in a spirit of friendship but also in frustration that I have to write it at all.


a resident of Uphill


Dear lovely parents who walk or cycle with their children to school. Thank you so much for caring not only about your own children, your own health, the planet, your pocket, the residents of Uphill – thank you!!

Thank you!




    1. Lois

      I bet they are the ones who get most annoyed when other people’s parking inconveniences them!! There’s a lot of horn blowing round here, mostly by people who have put themselves in the wrong position!


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