Slimming down and reorganising the cats

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that fewer people are reading my blog; there was a policy change or a decision made or some new idea was put into place where blogs are no longer automatically posted on Facebook – I guess I was sent a message but didn’t see it.  Maybe the lovely summer with people staying away from the computers contributed… or maybe what I was writing just wasn’t very interesting or appealing. to as many people.

So… I’ve tried to take more care over what I write and post but I’ve also had a think about other things. Two people mentioned I have rather a lot of categories here, so after some resistance, I began to realise that the categories, the cats, were probably more useful to me than my readers. I have attacked the cats; I have amalgamated, deleted, retitled. It’s hard work and I hope it will be worth it.

I also wonder if my featured images aren’t as good, eye-catching, interesting or enticing as they might be; once I finish the cats I shall go through my photos and eliminate and replace… there are some pictures which are definitely not very good, and some, now I look at them critically which are actually quite bad. I have always used my own photos,, but maybe I should go to a photo-sharing site, share some of my own better ones and use some of theirs – crediting the photographer of course.

If my figures don’t improve… then what… well, I have always said that I enjoy writing, I’ve also always said it is good practice, knowing I have an audience even if a tiny but very valued one… so I shall carry on… Maybe I am just out of fashion, so maybe I’ll come swinging back into fashion again!!

Just in case you haven’t read any of my novels, here is a link to them – these are why I blog!




  1. david lewis

    I love every blog you post and think of you as more like a pen pal or an old friend that I knew and correspond with but to be honest you spend a lot of time promoting your own books. I don’t mind but others may get bored or even annoyed. I’ll stick with you till the end Lois so don’t give up!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lois

        Oh dear… it’s all about money… we’ve lost the days of innocence and sharing… BTW have you come across an artist called David Bez? He does some remarkable paintings – way beyond my price range though! And also btw, would you mind if I wrote a review of some of your work and shared it on my other blog Somerset Writers? With all the links etc of course!


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