Fun at the pub quiz

Husband’s band are practising tomorrow so he was free to head down to the Dolphin with me tonight for the pub quiz. Usually he comes in about halfway through the second round, but tonight he joined the team. Over the last few weeks there have been fewer people in the pub – maybe it was the lovely summer weather, maybe people were away on holiday, whatever the unknown reason, people were back tonight and we walked in on a full pub.

The pub was so full, with a lot of groups of diners who probably weren’t going to stay for the quiz; this meant that there were few seats and the two of us sat at the table by the door where our drama group friends usually sit – this didn’t matter since we could sit with them and have a pleasant evening.

Drama duo arrived, and then the ice-creams, the other couple in our team, the ones who have the best ice-cream shop in Weston. No sooner had we arranged seats to accommodate ourselves than some of the diners left, and we migrated to their tables, the place where Tim and his team usually sit. Tim and wife were away on a cruise so all was well.

Son arrived and the quiz started with seven of us; we each have our own answer sheet so although we compare notes, and are in effect a team from that point of view, we each have a chance to win.

What a fun night! The drama duo, Louise and Scott had different areas of knowledge which contributed to our answers. and we won a couple of rounds. It actually didn’t matter whether we won or lost, We had such a pleasant and enjoyable evening.

The local drama group to which Scott and Louise belong are presenting their autumn play this coming weekend – ‘The Importance of Being Earnest; I have a ticket for Friday and am really looking forward to it. I shall share my thoughts  after I have seen it but am in no doubt I shall enjoy it.

How fortunate we are to have a pub which has such things as quiz night (and poker nights, and darts nights, and a golf tournament, a music festival and brewery trips) where you can meet all sorts of people and make friends. This is why pubs are great!!

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