Unforgotten… not forgotten!

I heard some exciting news today, some TV news, a fourth series of ‘Unforgtten’ starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar is being planned! The drama is a police procedural with an excellent supporting cast, and I really hope that as well as the two main actors, the others who play such a major part in the background as the police team, beavering away in the office or going out on routine enquiries are still with them.

The pace of the series is measured, unhurried, but this ramps up the tension more than a lot of car chases and fisticuffs. Moments of stillness and quiet, the actors acting with their faces, gestures and movements more than words increases the anticipation of what might happen – and then the believable but unexpected reveals are more shocking. This is writing, directing and acting at its very best and I am so excited and full of anticipation for whenever it’s going to be shown. There is no date of course, but I am guessing it will be late 2019, or even 2020.

When the first series was shown, coincidentally Nicola Walker was starring in another class drama, River… I would love to see it return, but I am not sure it ever could… but explaining why would really give the game away and reveal the totally unexpected raison d’ être of the drama! If it is ever repeated do watch it, you’re in for a treat!… or you could always splash out and buy the box set.

Here’s what I wrote about the previous series of Unforgotten

Unforgotten 1: https://wp.me/p2hGAs-575

Unforgotten 2: https://wp.me/p2hGAs-6fo

Unforgotten 3: https://wp.me/p2hGAs-7xf


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