Pub music…

We dropped into the pub later than usual tonight… son was later home from work than normal, I had gone to see the latest production by the Bleadon Players, The Importance of Being Earnest… and I had a bit of a confusion over the messages I received (not unusual!)

I messaged my son early even about what time he was coming home after work and her replied ‘pub’; he meant he was in the pub with work chums. I didn’t however get this message as I put my phone on silent when I got to the Bleadon Coronation Hall where the play was being performed.

The play was brilliant, and the acting excellent – more of that later, and it was only when I left the hall that I saw a message from my son about pub… I thought it meant he was in the pub at that moment, and to be honest, forgetting that I’d messaged earlier about after work, I thought he meant he was in the pub – i.e. the Dolphin right now.

I was fortunate that I was sitting next to a friend during the play and she gave me a lift, so dropped me at the pub. Meanwhile, I had realised the confusion and re-messaged son, messaged husband to say that what I meant was that we would meet in the Dolph NOW!

All was well, and I arrived, bought some drinks, and then son and husband arrived and we had a very pleasant and entertaining end of evening together. As usual we talked about all sorts of  things, enjoying each other’s company, and in the background the juke-box was playing. Tonight there was all sorts of different music, new and old, and a song so familiar but which I couldn’t identify… including this…

Great music in the pub tonight!!!

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