Thirty-three days until NaNo…

Each year there is an on-line challenge with no prizes. The challenge is to write 50,000 words of a novel (although this has been extended to other genres) in the month of November… that’s it! Actually there may not be a prize but there is a huge reward – that of completing the challenge and having a great chunk of something new under your writing belt..

This will be my sixth year of accepting the challenge and this year I’m not looking to it as confidently as I have in the  past. The first year I entered it the words just flooded out, and I raced past the finish line and went  well beyond before the deadline. The second year I worked steadily but various delays meant I only just crept over the 50,000 word line. The following year, once again I worked steadily but there was a lot of research needed which slowed me down somewhat, but all was well. The following two years were more of a struggle, and although, yes I did complete, it was to the line!

This year I know there are certain commitments in November which will take me away from writing, and I feel as if I have lots my way a little bit with reaching targets – plenty of thoughts but I’m not getting the words on paper… well, not paper, but you know what I mean. There are good reasons for this, home life is busier with the two children back living with us, and I have more outside writing commitments with my other blog, the two writing groups I lead, the other two writing groups I’m a member of… and of course writing here each day!

I have had an idea… as I have mentioned many times before, I’m not very good at planning, my writing takes off in all sorts of directions and having a rigid schedule just doesn’t work for me. I am reading John Fowles ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ and I am fascinated by his ideas on writing and the writer and character (more about that another time) My idea is to try and help me completing the challenge – I’m thinking of using my blog here to give myself a daily prompt or target – not a word count target but a writing target  I think this may be a way of prompting me without being too restrictive, and also later it will be interesting to look back on, and compare to how things turned out. I hope it will be useful and interesting, and maybe not just for me but other people too… That’s my plan for November…

Here is a link to my books, the three I eventually completed having begun them on Nano are Radwinter, Raddy and Syl and Earthquake:


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