Writing group writing

It was my monthly writing group this afternoon, and it was great to see everyone after the summer break – yes, it’s a long way from summer, but at the last scheduled meeting only one person was able to come – so this is the first proper get together,

I had not set a suggested subject to write about over ‘the holidays’, people could bring whatever they liked. We had some poems from a very clever writer, able to encapsulate so much in slight, tight but effective verse. We had an excerpt from a short story – part of a collection of connected tales centring on locations round a drove in Norfolk. A drove is a long straight road or track – it’s a word used across East Anglia, and possibly in other areas too. As you might imagine it comes from being a track along which cattle or other beasts were ‘driven’ to market. Back to the story – it was a disturbing but well-written story of an assault on a teenage girl by three older boys… very thought-provoking and quite dark, but in a series of modern stories, there needs to be all shades of narrative to reflect society today.

One of the group brought a short story, actually written by someone else but it was very much appreciated, and of great interest. It caused much wry amusement and is a helpful and timely reminder of how precious time is…  The story is by Ursula Wills-Jones and is called ‘The Time-Sweepers’:


I’ve written a couple of posts here about a writing walk I went on, and I edited and shared them because I think writing walks are such a great idea. To walk and think and observe and imagine and maybe exchange ideas with other walkers and then to write and compare what we have written. My two friends and I are going to do another, and i think some f my writing group would be interested too.

I always suggest a writing task for the next meeting, and on a walking theme this is what I offered:

Use a walk, real or imaginary, as a stimulus for creativity!

You could:

  • Describe an actual walk (yours or someone else’s – for example Captain Scott’s trek, John O’Groats to Land’s End, a charity walk)
  • Imagine an adventure on a walk
  • Write something inspired by a walk (some story or memory triggered by what you see/hear/feel/smell etc)
  • Use a well-known phrase as inspiration,
    • walk on, walk on with hope in your hearts
    • walk on the wild side
    • I walk the line
    • walk of life
    • just walk in my shoes
    • don’t walk on the grass
    • cake walk

Or write about anything you fancy!!

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