A double win!

For some reason there have not been as many teams in the pub quiz lately, and our own team was depleted for various reasons. So the two of us, daughter and I sat down, a team of two ready to take part. Beside us as usual was Tim and his team, and we caught up with their news. At the bar was Taz and his team and we had a good chat to them before sitting down in our usual seats with our drinks. Recently I’ve been drinking wine, but tonight I fancied an Otter so that is exactly what I had!

Our friend who we call Mike who was the quiz-master tonight came and joined us, and we had a good catch-up with much laughter before he began to read out the questions. We were a team of two, and yet unbelievably, the questions ran our way and we knew the answers! Of course other people knew the answers too, but fortunately, we won! Son arrived and joined the team and we set off with round two, and once again the questions juts fell within what we knew and would you believe it, once again we won!!

Husband arrived in time for the beer round – where there is an obscure and random question, and the winning team have a free beer (or other drink) next quiz.

As usual we had a great time, much laughter, much fun, a lot of thinking and puzzling, pleasant company and good beer!

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