At the pub tonight

We usually drift down to the Dolphin between 9:30 and 10 on a Sunday night. Any other night we might go down a little later – it was what my dad used to do. He lived next door to our pub, the Dolphin, we live about five minutes away – he used to bob to the pub at about 10:30-10:45 just for a last couple of pints, and when we go down (apart from quiz nights) we go at about 10:15-10:30 – because the pub now stays open until 11:30 during the week which it didn’t in Dad’s day.

When we went down last Sunday evening, the bar we usually go into was full of a party celebrating someone’s life – we don’t know who, but it was what might be called a wake. There was a whole gang of people, and most of the men were wearing a green and blue striped tie – presumably a club tie, presumably a club to which the deceased belonged. Because of this we went and sat in what we term the cross benches, the bar between our bar and the public. Our chums the 2 T’s didn’t join us and it turned out that they had come in on Sunday night.

Tonight we tootled down and once again our bar was full of people, this time, not a wake but  celebrating someone’s sixtieth birthday. We don’t know whose, but they were having a great time, and there were balloons and confetti, and the remains of a wonderful buffet prepared by the pub. We walked though the cross benches, saying hello to our friend Vicki and to Harley the English bulldog, a very handsome chap but totally out of it because he’d had half a bitter… so it was said.

We sat round a table at the end of the cross benches, confusing Chris the barman with the prize-winning smile, because we weren’t in our usual places. The 2 T’s arrived and we sat down with our drinks – Otter for me and my man, local cider for the T’s. We had such a pleasant evening, with so many laughs… we talked about cruises, holidays, fancy dress, school days, work, TV shows we’ve been watching – The Great Model Railway Challenge, selling houses… and so much more!

However many people are in the Dolphin, even if it’s only us, we can guarantee great been and a great time. Our featured image, by the way is of the best ever pub dog, Mrs Pen – she was much loved by everyone and was indeed a true character!




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