Trying to find Chris

I’m sharing this again… five years after I first posted it, in the forlorn hope that maybe my cousin Chris might read it and get in touch…

As you may know, we are a close family and I keep in close contact with most of my cousins, and spend time with them whenever I can although they all live hundreds of miles away! I was delighted recently to ‘find’ a second cousin and become close to her too. She actually is the daughter of my mum cousin so I guess she is my second cousin… or my first cousin once removed .. or my second cousin once removed… I get a bit lost on the ‘removed’ part of relationships! He like me, is the great-grandchild of Lois Penney and Louis Moses, of whom I have often written.

My mum had two cousins who were much older than her; they were young men when mum and her sisters were girls; whenever they visited they would be so funny and outlandish and kind to their young cousins. In the old black and white pre-war photos they looked dashing and handsome and elegant, except in the funny pictures of them dressed up.

Chris’s father Eric, with my parents in 1948

I never met Howard, the older one who married a  Belgian lady, but I did meet Eric. Instead of a tall, handsome, dark-haired man, by the time I met Eric he was quite old, and short and grey… but very smiley and a lovely man. He had married and had two sons, Andrew and Chris.

Our family went to meet them a couple of times when I was in my teens, probably about sixteen; Chris was a similar age to me, a good-looking boy, with curly black hair. His brother Andrew was younger and kept to himself, so I only have vague memories of him. I became quite friendly with Chris and saw him several times over the years. The last time was at my mum’s funeral; I was so touched and pleased when he came, having travelled some way… we hadn’t been in contact for a while and I thought it was so kind of him to support us at such a difficult time.

This was before mobile phones, e-mail and social networking and I completely lost touch with Chris. I moved around quite a bit – in rented accommodation, in a shared house with friends  in my own flat,in my own house, moving from Manchester, to Oldham, to Weston… I think of Chris from time to time; I have tried to find him – I’ve emailed people with the same name, written letters to people who may be him… but I have never found him. perhaps he was one of those people I emailed or write to and he no longer wishes to be in contact, maybe I haven’t yet found him…

I hope he is well and happy, I hope he has a loving family and is enjoying a good life as my cousins and I are…

My featured image is of Eric and my parents.

If you read this, Chris, do get in touch!

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