One man and his horse and a flood

Every so often, among all the terrible, ghastly and frightening news, both domestic and international, there comes a story of such bravery and courage by someone who is just trying to do the right thing… and becomes an inspiration.

I saw this story last week; there had been torrential, devastating floods in south Wales as a result of Storm Callum hitting the south coast of the country. The River Tywi burst its banks, over a hundred poor sheep were washed away, no doubt drowned, in another tragedy a young man lost his life in a landslide. Other areas of the country were affected by Callum and sadly another person died, swept away by rough seas in Brighton.

The hero I’m referring to is Gareth Silcox, who swam across a flooded field to rescue his horse which had become trapped. The video below shows him, swimming the horse back to safety. Flood water is so dangerous, that he really risked his life for his animal.

In the same article there is the story of an idiot – an idiot who also put his own life at risk, not by doing anything heroic to save anyone or anything else from the inundation. This man thought it would be a good idea to do a back-flip of a high crag into a flooded pool from the top of the country’s waterfall. He then posted it n social media. Why do I think he is an idiot? He risked his own life, but also if things had gone wrong someone would have had to try and save him, emergency services would have been involved, and if the worst had happened he would have devastated his family. Secondly, he does not know how many viewers of his video might try to emulate him, or surpass him – presumably he knew what he was doing, but would they?

Here’s a link which shows two videos, the hero and the other:


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