Not our usual pub night, but…

Thursday isn’t a night we usually go to the pub… it’s not unknown, but anyway, tonight we wandered down a about 10:30 for the last half hour. It was quiet down our end, two elderly gents who drank up as we arrived – not because we arrived! I got the feeling that one had taken the other out, and the chap who was taken out was very grateful to his friend and thanked him for a pleasant evening.

The smiliest barman in the world was working and a new person, a young woman who looked familiar but who we couldn’t quite place. Through in the cross benches were a few folk, we didn’t know them, but they seemed to be happily enjoying each other’s company, and down at the far end was a gang, not sure who.

Quite often I have a glass of wine (or two) but tonight Otter was what I fancied and it was in fine form. We sat down and it wasn’t long before Terry wandered through and joined us. The pub is full of people whose name begins with ‘T’; in fact at one time there were so many Tims they had to be distinguished by nick-names – Twin Tim (father of twins), Smokey Tim (had a dog called Smokey) PC Tim (used to be a policeman) Merc-y Tim (worked for Mercedes) – as well as our friend Tim. Anyway, Terry came and joined us and we chatted about a variety of things, including previous landlords, people behind the bar, beer, gin, beds… yes, beds, which side we sleep on.

Terry wandered off after time was called, the current landlord came over and said goodbye ‘see you at the quiz’, and we supped up. Other people were leaving, calling out farewell to all, and apart from a rather sleepy individual at the bar of the cross benches, wearing a pork pie hat, and some unseen songsters down at the other end, it was us and the bar staff.

We called our cheerios and left the pub, and wandered off back home, as usual waking down the middle of the empty village street, chatting, laughing, pulling each other’s legs… Typical night at the pub really!

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