Thinking ahead to NaNo…

Five days to go until November 1st which is the start day for the challenge of writing 50,000 words in the month – the National Novel Writing Month. For the first time I have some definite plans – only in my head, of what I’m going to write. Last year I had a made up set of runes and the main character picked one from a bag each day of November. She did it for no particular reason, she didn’t believe runes could affect or predict events, but she was curious how sometimes there were connections between the stone and what happened to her. Sometimes when the rune indicated some aspect of character, strength, understanding, friendship, for example, she did apply that to what happened to her during that day. I managed to creep over the 50,000 words with a few hours to spare, but I really had to push myself; I’ve not looked at the story since… maybe I should next year some time when I’ve got nothing better to do (hahaha!!)

The year before I really struggled, although again I did complete the challenge. I wanted to explore writing about my life and my family stories. I don’t know why, but I set about it in a rather awkward way – I guess I wanted to be objective but writing in the third person just made what I was writing seem cool, and not engaging. I wandered off the main drive of my piece and wrote about rivers and water and strange lives… Not very successful, and again if I do go back to it, it will only be to rob out some of the stories, not to complete it!

This year I have been thinking a lot about what I intend to write, and have some scenes planned in my head – I have not written anything down, I don’t want to cheat, although I have noted some web-sites for the research I know I’m going to have to do, and some links to some news items I’ve seen which might be helpful. This will be another in my Radwinter series, number 7 and in this story the main character Thomas is alone – his family are away which has given him the opportunity to accept a mysterious commission from a family to investigate their family history. He’s to stay with them for a week so he can access their records in their library – I hope that doesn’t make it sound too much like an Agatha Christie story!

I’ve decided to give myself daily prompts and aspects to focus on to try and really keep me on track with the number of words – in normal circumstances it would be 1666 a day – but I’m away for a family wedding, so that takes out two days, and then another family party…which ramps it up to nearly 1900 a day… hmmm… The first year I ever did it, the words flew from my fingers and I wrote 73000 words!!

So starting from November 1st, I am going to share a short prompt here – to remind me what I should be thinking about!!

Here is a link to my Radwinter series;


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